Weekend Assemblies

Weekend Assemblies

We want you to love church.

Each weekend at Emmanuel we meet for an exciting, fun and friendly, God-focused service with exciting, contemporary music and everything you need to make the most of aworship practical and relevant message. We believe church is an experience, not an appointment.

From the moment you walk in, we pray you experience a breath of fresh air for whatever you are facing as you worship and hear God’s word for your life!






We Have Two Locations



Leader Heights Location
2550 Pine Grove Rd, York

Leader Heights Property


This is our newest location.  Are Sunday morning gatherings start at 10:00.  We will also be conducting workshops, Bible Studies and community events at this location as well.







Old East York Location
2309 East Philadelphia St, York

Old East York Location


It’s at this location that we have our offices.  We also offer Bible studies, workshops and community events.  We’ve also partnered with Touch of the Master Church, a Spanish community of faith.  Their services are Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.