Find out more about Emmanuel’s mission and values.



Reaching out and connecting people with Jesus Christ through community and discipleship.


A Relationship with Jesus: A relationship with Jesus expresses itself in powerful praise, worship and prayer.

God’s Word: God’s Word is the revelation of God’s heart. The Bible is the source, foundation and the standard of our preaching and teaching (from the pulpit, to our classrooms, in our small groups and ministries).

People: God loves people, so we actively seek people so He can initiate a life transforming relationship.

Godly Leadership: Servants with proven character and Godly wisdom influencing others through inspiration, generated by a passion, drawn by a vision.

Discipleship: Equipping those that come to Him that they might mature in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the light of God’s Word and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship: As part of God’s family, our love and loyalty for one another produces Godly relationships.

Stewardship: God has entrusted us with time, talents and treasures and we invest them for His purpose.

The Body of Christ: Unity and cooperation with other local congregations and ministries is a high priority. God gives unique calls to local congregations, but reaches the world through His one united church.